2020-5k PB Week 13 – Rest Week

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Last Updated on December 6, 2020 by Cory Kawa

The big day is fast approaching. After last week’s blazing-fast intervals, and my, and this week hitting 218.7km in November, another all-time high, mentally and physically, I feel like I can safely say I earned this week.

From snow on Sunday/Monday, to shorts on Saturday/Monday, this week had it all.

This week was a rest week in more ways than one in that not only did I take a step back from running, with no hard efforts, but I also barely wrote. Instead of writing, I did my best to focus on anything else, like watching The Crown with my wife, playing mindless video games, and anything and everything to ensure I’m getting that mental and physical break.

As I moved through the week I learned just how much I enjoy running for the sake of running. Perhaps even how much I miss running without a plan. For a combination of reasons, these last few weeks, I’ve struggled with getting out the door, be it, life, cold, dark, and probably the added weight of expectations, with times to hit and goals to accomplish.

This week there was none of that. Instead, I explored some new streets local streets I’ve never run on before, on an all not to diligent attempt to find the best-dressed house in Thornhill.

As I reflect back and write this now, with week 14 almost done, it’s safe to say I’m back in the mental grind and struggling to find my happy “running” place.

The full diary of my attempt to 5k PB in 2020 can be found here, Diary of My Attempt to 5km PB In 2020, where I talk about building a base, finding a plan, and the highs and lows of working towards a lofty goal.

November 24, 2020 – 10km Easy Run

Spyglass Hill Road, Thornhill

With over 200k of running in October, 165k so far in November, and 65k last week, this week will be my final recovery week before the final push to PB.

The plan for the week, reduce my distance by 30%, targeting 40-45k while keeping my efforts all in and around a 4/10, or just below a moderate intensity.

Where the motivation to run has been a struggle lately, tonight there was none of that.

Although the motivation was there, the legs were not, I started strong, by 2k my knees felt sore, and by 5k in my legs were done, feeling quite similar to how they did after last month’s marathon.

Recovery week, you couldn’t have come at a better time.

The one good thing to come out of the run, a new motivation for my night time runs, run the streets of Thornhill in search of the best-decorated house around.

November 26, 2020 – 1hr/11km Easy Run

The quest to find the best-decorated house in Thornhill continued this time through the Wilshire neighbourhood, where I came across these three excellent candidates.

November 28, 2020 – 5k Recovery

With weather above zero, and freezing in the forecast, the goal today was simply to enjoy it while I could, with a quick easy run, in preparation for another session of running the TTC tomorrow.

November 29, 2020 – TTC Challenge Long Run

Collage of Photos From the TTC Challenge Shep to Shep via Eglinton
TTC Challenge Part 3 – Shep West to Shep via Eglinton

The quest to run the TTC continued today with the third leg of Line 1 taking me on a 22.75km route from Sheppard West to Sheppard via Eglinton.

The run today was fantastic, with perfect November weather, and my second fastest half of 2020 at 1:55:43, not that it really counts for much, other than perhaps my easy runs are becoming just that much faster.

Next up, run the Bloor/Danforth, and finish up Line 1 from Vaughan to Sheppard West.

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