TTC Challenge – Sheppard West to Vaughan Centre

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Last Updated on December 20, 2020 by Cory Kawa

TTC Challenge – Part 6/7 – Sheppard West to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

The quest to run the TTC, without riding the TTC, continued today, with a final push from Sheppard West to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and back.

After the debacle of a 5k attempt last Friday, I was back and feeling better than ever.

As I set out today, my goal was simple, enjoy the run and knock off that final stretch of line 1.  

At the same time, as I look back to Friday and what went wrong, I truly believe I just wasn’t mentally or physically ready to suffer, that hard, for twenty minutes.  I believe the error in the plan was two-fold, taking it too easy on the long runs, and focusing on short high-speed efforts with not enough longer tempo runs built-in.  

Physically and mentally I just wasn’t ready.  

With that, the goal today was to run just a bit harder, to push just a little more, not just go for a jog, but push to stay at the upper end of zone 2.  After a slow first half, with many a Kodak moment along the way, I felt great, so good that with 5k to go I decided to go for it, posting an average 4:44 split, and feeling like there was a lot more where that came from.

The final result, line 1 is done, and my 11th fastest half marathon is in the books.

TTC Challenge Almost Complete

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