Bikepacking Routes

The following are the various bikepacking routes I’ve found in Ontario that I’ve either already ridden or hope to ride one day soon.

Note – All bikepacking routes have been arranged from shortest to longest for a return trip.

Hasting-Haliburton 50/50

I recently came across this new route posted by Paul Galipuea on The Hastings-Haliburton 50/50 is a route he crafted which follows 50 percent gravel / rail trail and 50 percent quiet paved roads. Paul markets this route as a beginner-friendly route with lots of options if you prefer not to bikepack by tent.

The Motherload

As copied from the RideWithGPS route that Tiago Varella-Cid posted… “A epic challenge route designed for intermediate to advanced gravel riders using 40C or wider tires. A variety of terrain ranging from gravel roads to gnarly unmaintained roads, single track and quiet country roads. This is an adventure route that requires appropriate fitness, preparation and skill. Total actual elevation is closer to 4000m rather than the value estimated by RWGPS.

Haliburton to Uxbridge

The Haliburton to Uxbridge Rail Trail is an unofficial trail that is 90% rail trail from Haliburton to Uxbridge. The ride itself is excellent with many different types of views along the way from the bussiness around Fenelon Falls to the solitude of the forests south of Haliburton. Be warned, the trail from Kinmount into Haliburton can be very sandy, and may require a detour, the rest is excellent.

Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail

The Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail is a 127km point to point multi-use trail that runs from Guelph to the shores of Lake Huron.

Durham Destroyer – The Full Monty

The Full Monty is the longest of the three Durham Destroyer routes and is currently targeted for my first bikepacking trip in early June 2021.

Cannonball 300

The Cannonball300 is another beginner friendly intro to bikepacking route covering 330km from Dundas to Port Dover to Port Colbourne to St. Catharines and back.

The Grand Ninth Ramble (GNR) Bikepacking Route

The GNR is the baby brother of the BT700 covering a more manageable 350km around the Waterloo and Hamilton areas.

The Central Ontario Loop Trail (COLT) by Matt Kady

Matt Kady who developed the BT700, GNR, and assisted with the Log Driver’s Waltz created an alternate version of Miles Arbour’s original COLT route, see below, that passes through Peterborough, rather than the shores of Lake Ontario.

Update – Matt Kady’s version of the COLT was replaced by the Hasty Highlander, with the light version being most similar to his version of the COLT, Lite Route File.

The Central Ontario Loop Trail (COLT) by Miles Arbour

The COLT was one of Ontario’s first named bikepacking loops, consisting of a 400km plus route throughout Central Ontario consisting of gravel roads, rail trail, and ATV trails.


The BT700 is a 750Km plus route across gravel roads, single track, and rail trail touching parts of Waterloo, Port Elgin, Wiarton, Collingwood, and Orangeville.

Log Drivers Waltz Bikepacking

Having just been published earlier this year, the LDW is the newest member of Ontario’s bikepacking community. The LDW follows an 800km route throughout Ottawa Valley and Outaouais regions of Ontario and Quebec.